Do you know a Cancer patient who
                    needs a Cinderella moment?

What We Do

Operation Bling Foundation (OBF) is a NJ 501(c)3 not-for-profit whose mission is to give sparkling jewels to cancer patients during their hospital stay bringing them cheer and pleasure.

The foundation provides, for free, an assortment of sterling silver cubic zirconium rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to oncology patients to choose from and keep forever. These magnificent, twinkling jewels bring cheer and pleasure and many smiles to those undergoing a cancer journey! OBF “blings” both inpatient and outpatient women, men and pediatric onlcolgy patients in area hospitals.

Patients can be "blinged" (the hospitals have turned "bling" into a verb) at any time during their cancer journey. It can be when they are first diagnosed....or perhaps sometime during their treatment when they need just that little nudge to push them over their hump during a rough day, encouraging them that, yes they can do it!....or they just got good news....or to celebrate their last day of treatment, their "graduation"! Patients are "blinged" by our volunteer "Bling Angels". Our "Bling Angels" are a varied bunch. They can be the oncology social workers, the chemo nurses, the radiation techs, the patient liaisons and official hospital volunteers who are specifically desiginated to "blinging". Operation Bling Foundatin provides for free to oncology department in each hospital that we are "blinging" in three leatherette boxes each filled with sterling silver cubic zirconium "Bling" earrings, pendants and rings.  

After a ”Bling Gift” is chosen by its recipient, it is presented in a faceted lucite box, enclosed in a white organza pouch. Included is a copy of OBF’s story and a laminated “Bling Card”. The card has OBF’s logo and mission statement on one side and the inspirational poem, “What Cancer Cannot Do...” and OBF’s contact information on the other side. The Patients even love the presentation of their “Bling Gift”!






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