Do you know a Cancer patient who
                    needs a Cinderella moment?

Host a Bling Party

What a Bling Party Is, How It Works and What It Does…

Hosting a Bling Party is a great excuse to bring your friends together, for some fun, laughter and shopping for a cause. How it works is we come to the location of your choice be it your home, church hall or firehouse to name a few suggestions. Like any “party” the hostesses invite their friends. The fare in the past has been everything from coffee and cake to wine and cheese and absolutely anything in between. We honestly have been blown away by what some hosts and hostesses have done! They always tell us that they are grateful for a reason to get their friends together and make a difference at the same time. We come and bring tons of Bling Gifts—exactly the same sterling silver cubic zirconium rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets that we give away to cancer patients. And the assortment includes items for men too! We set it all up for display. All Bling Gifts are available for purchase at the event. There is no ordering and waiting for your Bling Gifts to arrive. Guests bring their “Bling” home with them that day! All Bling Gifts cost $45.00, no matter what they are. Guests often pay less for these or comparable gifts than if bought at retail jewelry stores due to the fact of the Ferdinand’s own substantial buying power in their jewelry business. There is also an advantage to guests who purchase the gifts who itemize their income tax deductions. Approximately one half of the purchase price of each gift can be deducted as a charitable contribution.

How these Bling Parties make such a difference to Operation Bling and the cancer patients who are our recipients is that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each Bling Gift go right back into the foundation to purchase more Bling to give to the cancer patients-- for free. Our mission is funded by your guests purchasing Bling Gifts for themselves or as gifts for their friends and loved ones. A Bling Gift is truly a gift that pays it forward. Straight donations are also accepted at Bling events.

Currently, Bling Parties are held within a reasonable driving distance from Operation Bling Foundation’s home base in New Providence, New Jersey. Please contact Chris Ferdinand at with any questions.

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