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Thrice Blinged

Dear Chris,

Ten years ago my three and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. While getting treatment at Morristown Memorial Hospital, she and I both got Bling from your wonderful foundation. I still have my heart necklace from that time!

Last July I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today I started the process of radiation treatment. Guess what I received a decade after my heart necklace?! My Bling earrings - hearts to match my necklace and just in time for Valentine's Day!

Thanks so much for making an awful situation a bit better and a lot blingier - twice!!

Love, Eileen (and Healthy Elizabeth "Bethieboo")

The quintessential example of the definition of the "verb" of "being blinged"

Dear Chris,

     As you know, we bought a bunch of "Bling" shortly before Christmas. I decided to hold off and bling the recipients after the holidays, during the dreary winter months. So, finally, here's the story.

     We had lunch with Jim's sister today. After an unsuccessful lumpectomy, she will be undergoing a mastectomy this coming Friday, January 17th, in Scranton. As we left the restaurant we quietly gave her the gift bag. Three hours later when she arrived back in Scranton, she called to say that she had finally stopped crying, and that this was one of the most special gifts she has ever received. She was blown away and deeply touched by her bling! She made it a point to say she read every word of the letter that is included. We (you and Jim and I) really lifted her spirits. How do I thank you for that?

     The reason that we "quietly" gave her the gift bag is because Jim's brother and sister-in-law also joined us for lunch. Their oldest daughter, Jennifer, is scheduled for her 3rd chemo session this Tuesday, for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, at Memorial Sloane Kettering, in Basking Ridge. Jen decided to cut her hair short last week, but quickly realized that she is still shedding, and will go hairless next week. Today we packaged up bling for Jen, her mom Lenee (who was at lunch with us), her sister January, her sister-in-law Robyn, and her nieces Anna and Ella. (All to be worn as Solidarity Bling) The packages will be mailed tomorrow. It feels so good to share bling with Jen and her support team. I know that they will be delighted to receive their bling. Will update you after their packages arrive. (They were all over the moon with their Bling)

     Thank you for giving us a wonderful opportunity to give joy and sparkle to our loved ones who are so deserving of our support as they fight their battles. You are special people with a special foundation. We love you guys!

     Forever grateful,

Lynn and Jim O'Neill



As you read Lynn's beautiful letter above from last year on how much they love Operation Bling, please keep Lynn and Jim in your thoughts and prayers as Lynn herself has turned into a Bling Recipient Breast Cancer Warrior this Christmas. 

Thanks from Monique

Dear Operation Bling Foundation,

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer last September. although my prognosis is good and I have much to be thankful for, I continue to struggle with the emotional side of the treatment. My wonderful friend and Bling Angel Debbie surprised me with a beautiful necklace, shortly before my third surgery. The necklace is uplifting in a way I never imagined. Figuring out what to wear every day became stressful for me. But the necklace always makes me smile so I put it on whenever I get a chance! Your foundation's thoughtful and generous surprise will long be remembered and enjoyed!

Yours truly,


Anna writes...

Dear Christine,

     The past nine months of my life have been a nightmare. From hearing the words "You have Cancer" to all the tests, biopsies, doctors, hospitals, surgeries, chemo and now, Radiation, there has not been any shining moments - that is, until yesterday. As I was explaining to the Social Worker my fears and anxieties about receiving this next phase of treatment, in walks a Nurse with a bunch of small little black boxes. I could not imagine what this was all about and then she and the Social Worker explained to me your Organization "Operation Bling"!!! WOW! You are truly an Angel in Disguise. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful pair of Blingy earrings with a dangling pearl! They are beautiful and every time I wear them, I will certainly think of you and the wonderful thing you have done for a perfect stranger. God Bless you and your family and all who help you make this "Operation" such a success!


Elizabeth the warrior!

 Dear Chris,

     Thank you for you thoughtfulness in "blinging" me with the warrior bracelet! Although I rarely wear jewelry, I am thoroughly enjoying wearing your special gift! Somehow it does add to my determination to "beat" the cancer!

     From now on I shall wear your bling gift with great hope and with thanks in my heart for all your kindness!


With heartfelt thanks,


Marlena wrote...

I want to sincerely thank you for the lovely necklace from your wonderful "Operation Bling Foundation". I just completed chemo for Breast Cancer and will be starting radiation in a few weeks. I can't thank you enough for the lovely gift but most of all for your compassionate generosity to those of us that need a little "Bling" in their life at the moment! Thank you!

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